1. meowmeowroar:

    Circa - S

    Photo by Darcy Grant Photography

    (via polyprogresss)

  2. milyaykina:

    "Dark Evolution" by Tatiana Schennikova Photography for No Floor Dance - Aerial Dance School

    Photographer - Tatiana Schennikova

    MUA - Ekaterina Zhilina

    Aerialist - Anna Milyaykina

    (via firetoys)


  3. There is no polite way to tell you that your lines suck ass.

    Sort it out.

  7. nationalcircus:

    Okay, here’s some hula hoops…


    Emma, Tiina


    All photography by bertilnilsson

    All of the above trained on our Circus Arts Degree programme. Find out more about our Higher Education in Circus Arts.

    Here’s our YouTube Hula Hoop playlist

    Tomorrow will be our last day of photoset requests - what do you want?

  8. vagabondjuggle:

    Tidying out the room. Finding the most hilarious books.


  10. Three-job Thelma.

    1 - Window company
    24 hours a week stood in a supermarket asking people if they want widows/doors/conservatories. They don’t. I get ignored. Blehh.

    2- Circus
    Less regular, but so much more fun! I still owe Greentop about 30 hours of work to pay back my course fees but they’re giving me some paid stuff in-between. Now I have a ‘real’ job, I can buy new kit and insurance ect, yeahboi.

    3 - Bar work
    Last night I did a few hours training at a local rock/alt pub and I’ll be doing a bit more this weekend. After I’m all settled in I can start to really work for them and do a ‘real’ job thats more fun and active :)

    I’ve also got to train and do my usual human stuff. I’m a busy bee. 

  11. once-in-a-blue-moon:

    Fire hooping at Barefoot 2014. 

  12. helenbriggsphotography:

    Unicyclist #1

    Chinon CS
    Kentmere 400

    I can do idle kicks. Must try this.

  13. mynameismakinen:

    Tightwire over the water. Performance “InSitu” at the Parc Camifolia (Chemillé, FR) Cie Mesdemoiselle. 

    This is awesommmmeeee

    (via inversionaddict)

  14. I planned to perfect my 180 hop to backwards riding today but the entire folk and crafts segment of Sheffield’s Tramlines festival had invaded my usual park.
    The chemical toilets were on my patch.
    (The music was actually pretty good)

  15. dittasketch:

    Suzy Hotrod.

    This is so cool ^
    Currently watching the 2013 championship Texas v Gotham bout, oh my word.