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    The day after easter sunday. The world does not want me to have abs.
    Liam got me 5 glow juggling balls, Dad paid for my BJC ticket a while back, Liams family got me a BJC t-shirt, and I spent the day rehearsing for our show. 
    My cake was a Vegan 3-layer chocolate cake with buttercream and cupcake ‘juggling balls’ on top. It made everyone laugh but sadly its the best thing Ive ever baked!

    My family sent cards in the post and they’re up on the wall, and they’ll stay there for a few days :)

    Yeahhh Birthday.

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  10. The BJC!


    I finally got myself to a BJC! It was lovely and I was surrounded by old and new friends which is always great.
    I did a foot hooping workshop which was quite nice and I found that I actually really enjoy whipcracking. Its a massive surprise because I was scared of whips before friday! The gala show was excellent but going home straight after it wasn’t.
    I nipped back on tuesday night to perform at the youth cabaret and it was bloody terrifying. I only did my Old lady hat and stick section from my CIP course final piece but it was my first time performing anything but aerial so I was terrified :| I don’t think there’s any photo evidence but hey.

    I got a phonecall yesterday from Liam, telling me I’d won the unicycle.com raffle and a lovely union flag Nimbus unicycle is now mine!
    I’m pleased as punch!

    The good BJC vibes have certainly helped with the stress of show prep week, but that’s a whole other story.


  12. I’m starting to not fit into my clothes again.
    fucking fuck this

    moan moan moan.