1. once-in-a-blue-moon:

    Fire hooping at Barefoot 2014. 

  2. helenbriggsphotography:

    Unicyclist #1

    Chinon CS
    Kentmere 400

    I can do idle kicks. Must try this.

  3. mynameismakinen:

    Tightwire over the water. Performance “InSitu” at the Parc Camifolia (Chemillé, FR) Cie Mesdemoiselle. 

    This is awesommmmeeee

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  4. I planned to perfect my 180 hop to backwards riding today but the entire folk and crafts segment of Sheffield’s Tramlines festival had invaded my usual park.
    The chemical toilets were on my patch.
    (The music was actually pretty good)

  5. dittasketch:

    Suzy Hotrod.

    This is so cool ^
    Currently watching the 2013 championship Texas v Gotham bout, oh my word.

  6. I do parkour now.


  7. That feeling when you’re down because you’re poor but you can’t afford to comfort eat

    I have 10p left. at all.

  9. Unicycle is my weapon of choice recently. 
    My backwards riding has become more of an enjoyable sail backwards now and I cracked Side mount and Riding seat out this week :)
    I also did a hilly 3 mile ride after 1.5h+ of trick practice and I was still up for more! 

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  10. lickmylenscap:


    Ayanami Rei

    Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Illuminaire Circus Show

    Atomic Lollipop 2014

    Ontario Science Centre

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  12. buzzlightcyr:

    Credit Aime Morales

    Ive seen this routine and its great

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  13. wanderlust-brunette:

    Me always

    "If she talks to me like that again I’l rip her fucking hair out, don’t think I won’t."
    I’m so very Pennsatucky sometimes.

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  14. Today

    1.5 hours of unicycling, Then I tried mountain boarding, followed by a 3 mile unicycle ride, then little introduction to pole.

    Looks like I’ll be trying roller derby on sunday too.
    Good things happen when I say ‘Yes’

  15. trapezeasaurus:

    Me returning to the bar in Emerald City Trapeze Art’s “Pinstripes and Pinups” show. Photo by James Boyer