1. This is perfect. I’d never take it off :’)

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  2. Or you can just fuck right off, either works for me.

  3. kimonotime:

    I am smelling my armpits

    I need her in my liiiifeeee

  6. Ellinor sent me a parcel and its so sweet! Swedish tea, sweets, a postcard a book on learning Swedish :) I miss her and our little language lessons

  8. From Rochdale Feel Good festival 2014.
    The dark clouds above had broken just long enough for a few performances, and weren’t we glad of it!

    Photo by Dale116 on Flickr.


  9. Teaching youth aerial has me liking silks again. Weird. (HELLO ORANGE HAIR.) 

  10. Streaming for Strangers | September 17th
         └ Acoustic Video: Open Up - [ x ]

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  12. OHDAMN

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  13. Anonymous said: If you are still trying to find out who the girl doing the tuck hollow back with a hoop is, it's Mieke Lizotte.

    Excellent, thankyou! I’ll fix that right now :)


  14. Tuesday night was the sweetest fuckin’ thing.

    So cute.
    More of the same please.


  15. Consciously trying to not like everything you post on facebook.
    Trying not to bug you or creep you out.
    But we could totally go on a date eh