1. Consciously trying to not like everything you post on facebook.
    Trying not to bug you or creep you out.
    But we could totally go on a date eh

  2. kimonotime:

    I want a teddy like ted that can talk, but this teddy can’t because he’s not called ted, he’s called wed.

  3. I actually fancy her so much its ridiculous

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  5. mynameismakinen:

    Mano - Circo Aereo - 2014

    dir: Sanna Silvennoinen

    act: Mika kaski, Tapani Rinne

    Cirko- Center for new circus, Helsinki, Finland

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  6. inversionaddict:

    Sharing a kiss with my lovely partner, Vonka.

    Photo: Glenn Tuttle Photography 

  7. Bought this cute-ass leotard on ebay.
    The picture made it seem a bit more tame to be honest but maybe I just fill out the cups a bit too well, haha.
     One day I will be brave enough to wear this out, I love it. (Although it doesn’t have poppers, so trips to the ladies will be somewhat eventful)

  8. fuckyeahcircus:

    From my performance at Sky Candy’s “After Dark” student showcase
    taken by Rich Merritt

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  10. zelamish:


    Shersten Finley

    Photo by Seth Golub

    Always reblog yer coaches ;) Circus tumblr rule!

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  11. meowmeowroar:

    More photos of my contortion/handbalancing coach Fleeky Flanco

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  12. There is no polite way to tell you that your lines suck ass.


    Sort it out.

    I may have to pull out the cat line next time I see them in person, thats definitely my new favorite. :P

  14. Hannah Lennox by Sandy McLure photography.

    Another PLAY festival act that I enjoyed very much, The Commonwealth Youth Circus are outstanding.

  15. This act was insane! I went away feeling very inspired.
    I can’t find them on the internet but I found this picture on the PLAY facebook page.